Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mary Cummins Reprimanded by CADFG

March 3, 2007
Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins

Dear Ms. Cummins,

As a wildlife rehabilitation permitee you are required to abide by all laws that pertain to wildlife rehabilitation. Upon signing the Wildlife.Rel)abilitation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), you agreed to comply to all of the conditions in the MOU and with the provisions of California Code of Regulations, Trtle 14 (CCR T-14); Section 679.

This letter is being written to document -incidents of concern- that the Department believes violate CCR T-14 Section 679 and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Memorandum of Understanding with Animal Advocates.

1. ... a very small juvenile opossum is seen being handed to a volunteer for Animal Advocates, from a person who appears to be a member of the public. In the video, the Animal Advocates volunteer continues to pet and display the juvenile opossum to the public. Displaying animals undergoing rehabilitation to the public is inconsistent-with, and a direct violation of your Wildlife rehabilitation MOU...

2. ...Inappropriate pictures of wildlife held in your care have been displayed on your Animal Advocates website. One picture showed a juvenile squirrel, not confined to a cage, with human baby toys in the background and eating what appeared to be pasta. The baby toys in the background coupled with the fact that the animals is shown inside a residence without "caging could easily be perceived as a
pet by the general public and is again inconsistent with the intent of wildlife rehabilitation...

3.  ...The documentation of the squirrel with "no eyeballs" is of great concern and the quality of life for that squirrel is questionable at best...

4. ...The photos depict a fox squirrel being choked, a fox squirrel in a public area on several peoples' heads and shoulders, a juvenile raccoon-chewing on the lead of a pencil, and a fox squirrel wearing at-shirt . . This site is unprofession and inappropriate and depicts these animals in a pet like setting...

5.  ... we contacted regarding the location of a bobcat kitten you had acquired. You failed to provide this information until, on a third attempt, when specifically asked if Anna Dresdon was in possession of the bobcat. It appeared as though you would not cooperate with the disclosure of the bobcats location
until you believed the location was already known by the Department...

This letter is being written to document the above situations and serves as a written warning of the Departments concern. Please understand that if you, or any of your satellites, violate any CCR T-14 sections, Fish and Game Code laws, or any conditions of the Wildlife Rehabilitation MOU in the future, the Department will revoke your Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit.

Read the entire LETTER OF REPRIMAND regarding the unprofessional behavior of Mary Cummins.


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